Sylvia Muyingo
As the PI for the PEACH Project, Dr. Sylvia Muyingo coordinates all workstreams, and leads in the development of data science training, data analysis using novel statistics and data science tools and in development of public health policies.
Amelia Taylor
Dr. Taylor is a lecturer in AI and the PI for MUBAS in the INSPIRE PEACH. The activities of the project channels her research and technological skills towards the goal of increasing participation and reducing barriers to collaborative and open research. She works on data warehousing, visualisation, and application of AI technologies for data harmonization and analysis.
Jim Todd
Jim Todd is the lead for LSHTM within the INSPIRE network. He has experience with harmonising and analysing population health data from INDEPTH and ALPHA networks.
Agnes Kiragga
Dr. Kiragga is a data scientist at APHRC and leads the INSPIRE sectariat. She provides technical support in data harmonization and data analysis for the INSPIRE PEACH project.
Damazo Kadengye
Dr. Kadengye heads the Data Science and Evaluation Synergy at APHRC and manages the INSPIRE Secretariat to ensure the financial and scientific sustainability of the network
Jay Greenfield
Dr Jay Greenfield consults with data integration projects in Sub-Saharan Africa helping with data integration architectures and data documentation. With deep expertise in data standards and healthcare, Dr. Greenfield brings specialized capabilities to the team for the development of the INSPIRE Data Mesh, Analytics and Training.
Tathagata Bhattacharjee
Tathagata is leading the INSPIRE Data Mesh hub which is engaged in setting up the cloud infrastructure for managing the data processing, storage and analytics. He works on the technical aspects of the hub alongside the data integration, standardization into OMOP CDM and on-ramps.
Gonjetso Chinyama
Gonjetso Chinyama supports research and development activities of the lab. He is a product management professional with a focus on health information systems and health data
Moses Gwaza
Moses Gwaza is a developer who joined the AI Lab. He is very passionate about Data Analytics and is part of the team supporting ETL processes
Linda Maoyi
Keith Tomlin
Keith Tomlin is is an Assistant Professor in Epidemiology with research interests in improving access to antiretroviral therapy. He has worked with the ALPHA project managing access to data for all partners and joined INSPIRE in July 2022.
Chifundo Kanjala
Former Member
Chifundo Kanjala has led the data documentation of the the INSPIRE project and developed som eof teh training courses within INSPIRE. He held a similar role in the APLHA networked where he also pioneered documentation and anonymisation techniques to promote data sharing and reuse.
Marylene Wamukoya
Marylene is a Senior Statistician at APHRC works within the INSPIRE Secretariat to facilitate the the success of INSPIRE's portfolios by leveraging other hubs/workstreams in driving the workflow