No. Type of Publication Date Title
1 Article Jun, 09, 2023 Enabling data sharing and utilization for African population health data using OHDSI tools with an OMOP-common data model
2 Blog Post May, 23, 2023 Can AI Have Its Cake and Eat It? Reducing Bias in AI Models May Not Always Be Desirable
3 Article Apr, 27, 2023 Using OHDSI for health informatics in Malawi
4 Policy Brief Oct, 01, 2022 Incorporating gender and intersectionality in Artificial Intelligence (AI) models and algorithms
5 Factsheet Oct, 01, 2022 Gender and Intersectionality monitoring tool
6 Factsheet Mar, 09, 2021 Inspire Technical Poster
7 Factsheet Jan, 01, 2022 Strengthening Africa’s COVID-19 Data Ecosystem using Artificial Intelligence
8 Policy Brief Jun, 09, 2022 Establishing a data hub for COVID-19 data in Kenya and Malawi
9 Factsheet May, 01, 2022 INSPIRE PEACH Factsheet